Hi, I am Mukul Verma. I was born in New Delhi, India and moved to Canada when I was only 1. I grew up in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, where I spent my childhood and finished school and a Business Degree. In university I also met my future wife.
I then moved to Toronto and accepted a position as a Banker at one of the top Canadian Banks in Canada. Like many others I too had financial burden, student loans and an upcoming wedding to pay for. My job at the bank was not bringing in sufficient income for my increasingly growing expenses, so I decided to explore the option of starting my own business in my free-time which ended up being a life-changing decision. It let me spend many years being my own boss, traveling 3-4 months a year and accomplishing impossible tasks.
Running my own business given me great benefits and now I got a family, live in a great community and ready to settle down on the next phase of life.

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